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Retreating to Increase Resiliency and Personal Freedom

Deep down, the one thing I want the most is freedom. What I thought was a life-long quest to “know” myself has really been about remembering who I am at my core.

Along the way I’ve found interesting, creative, and inspiring ways to experience this “remembering.” Guided meditations led me to meet my “spirit animals and guides." A variety of different kinds of yoga: hot yoga/beach yoga/beer yoga and even goat yoga (who comes up with this stuff? haha), to underwater basket weaving (Ok, that one is totally made-up but non-the-less creative!).

One of my favorite experiences was a past-life regression session where I had been transported back in time as an aboriginal man living off the land who played the didgeridoo to the stars as if the sound was his personal conversation and connection to his soul family across the universe.

Some of the great teachers throughout time have said that freedom is made evident only in the mind; that we must master our mind to experience the freedom our soul desires. I've worked with my mind for decades now, and Goddess knows that while I’m getting better with practice, some days and some thoughts are relentless.

I've sat down many times to contemplate where the bitchy, negative, and judgmental thoughts come from and ask myself how they ended up in my mind in the first place. I've intentionally gone out there and learned how our family, community, and culture shape our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors from the time we are born and found that it’s truly our job to take inventory and toss out what no longer serves or promotes our true nature and evolution.

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