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Simple Homemade 3-Ingredient Facial Oil Moisturizer

One of our all-time favorite articles about skincare is this one by the hilarious Crunchy Betty. Loving your style, girrrl!


For years, so many of you have been asking about what I use to moisturize my face. Every time, the conversation goes like this:

Curious Person: “Hey, Betty? What do you use to moisturize your face?”
Me: “I use a blend of oils.”

Curious Person: “What kind of oils? Can you give me a recipe?”
Me: “Oh, a whole bunch, blended together. I’ll blog it soon, I promise.”

Fast forward to eight thousand years later, otherwise known as today, I was mad beautying around in the kitchen, experimenting with blends for the perfect facial oil to sell on the Crunchy Betty Natural Market for oily and blemishy skin (I finally found the perfect blend and it is my Royally Flawless Facial Oil). Anyway, as I’m blending and shaking, I realize this is something I should probably blog about.

Before I do, lest you think I was kidding about being a mad beautyist today, this is what my kitchen counter looked like after the experiments, full of my personal oil stash. I never realize how much bloomin’ crunchy stuff I have until it’s overtaking my kitchen. Just once, I’d like the Kitchen Cleaning Fairy to visit when I’m done …

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