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Our Story

The Charisma Store aims to inspire you to follow your dreams and live the life you desire. Let your light shine brighter with every day of your life!

For us, charisma (/kəˈrɪzmə/) is your very own compelling charm, your divinely conferred power or talent.

Our editorial scope is simple. We aim to forge a connection between mindfulness, wellness, nutrition, and sustainability as the path to wholeness.

Through unity of mind, body, and spirit; we can heal ourselves and the entire planet.

By featuring some of the most amazing gifts from local makers and artisans from around the world and contextualizing each post with beautiful images and useful background information, we are sharing their dreams and stories.

Natural and eco-friendly materials. Sustainable production. A reduced carbon footprint. Our makers have the environment in mind. 

We’re here to tell the stories behind what we sell. When you visit our blog, you’ll meet healers and artisans, discover uncommon knowledge, immerse yourself in creative design, and get to know the people who fill The Charisma Store with the unique, thoughtful, and beautiful, gifts for everyone on your list. And so what, if you're adding your own name...

Most of all, we hope to contribute to a healthier ecosystem and a connected global community.